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Not Today’s Yesterday: Testimonials

  The use of a very traditional storytelling narrative ‘once upon a time’ lulled me into a really safe and secure place where I didn’t fear what I was about to hear. I think this is genius because I have been following some of the articles and findings you have shared on social media recently, and part of … Continue reading Not Today’s Yesterday: Testimonials

Diversity, Minus the Tokenism

By Katrin Bennhold "At TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design), it took about a day to realize that I wasn’t getting the usual pangs of irritation. I had not wasted a minute pondering the gender of the speakers. Women did not account for half of the 100 speakers, and that is not the point. The … Continue reading Diversity, Minus the Tokenism

Enoch Powell: Rivers of Blood

Enoch Powell criticising Commonwealth immigration, and anti-discrimination legislation that had been proposed in the United Kingdom in 1968. "...Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. "We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the … Continue reading Enoch Powell: Rivers of Blood

Before the Jewish Genocide was the Namibia Genocide and the Second Reich

Thirty years before Adolf Hitler seized power as Germany's chancellor (1904), German soldiers murdered over 100,000 Herero and Namaqua tribe members in its Southwest Africa colony, now the state of Namibia. It was not until 2004 (a century after the massacre) that Germany formally apologized for the atrocity. Read more about the genocide here.

The cult of memory: when history does more harm than good

It is a truism that we must remember the past or else be condemned to repeat it. But there are times when some things are best forgotten. "We have been taught to believe that the remembering of the past and its corollary, the memorialising of collective historical memory, has become one of humanity’s highest moral … Continue reading The cult of memory: when history does more harm than good