Lina Limosani

Graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in 1999, Lina went onto become an original mem­­ber of Garry Stewart’s Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), touring extensively both in Australia and overseas.She has since worked with Lucy Guerin, Chunky Move, Narelle Benjamin, and the New Zealand Dance Company.  She then became a member of Scotland’s David Hughes Dance Company, working closely with physical theatre director Al Seed, and Switzerland’s Cathy Marston. Her time overseas has also seen her work with Scotland’s Plan B, Designer/Director Alex Riggsalong with Munich’s Micha Purucker.

Lina has always been active as a creator and been making work since 2000. In 2003 she received the EMERGING ARTIST award by the Adelaide Critics Circle for her works in ADT’s choreographic seasons of IGNITION, then creating The Tighter You Squeeze for the company in 2008.  She has since undertaken a number of commissions and choreographic residencies overseas and was also selected as one of six International Choreographers for the Swiss International Choreographers Project, Zurich, in 2012.

Under the banner of Limosaniprojekts, Lina has created a number of works; Borderline receiving a Most Audacious Work Award in 2013, A Delicate Situation nominated for three Boh Cameronian Awards, an Adelaide Critics Circle Award, and an Australian Dance Award 2015. 2016 saw Lina develop One’s Wicked Ways for Australian Dance Theatre’s IGNITION season and premiere Whispers From Pandora’s Box on the New Zealand Dance Company. In 2017, Lina will continue to develop her new work The Spinners, an Australia/Scotland artistic collaboration with physical theatre director Al Seed.

Lina continues to teach and create work at various establishments and dance institutions within Australia and overseas.