Dagmara Gieysztor

Dagmara has been a multidisciplinary artist for over 20 years. Her focus has been on storytelling in many different mediums from film, theatre, puppetry, installations to street art, and photography as a constant companion. 

More recently she has been concentrating on devising, collaborative and site specific projects in theatre and contemporary dance.

 Having pioneered the field of Visual Dramaturgy in Australia as the first ever graduate of the Master of design for performance VCA, University of Melbourne- under this banner – the visual interpretation of a story – has become her speciality.

Dagmara is Polish born, her early years spent around the ideas of traditional narrative forms influenced by a theatrical family. However, becoming a visual dramaturg has been a journey of creative expression through the experience of being a migrant.

Having started out as a writer and then discovering the limitations of the command of a second language led her to experimenting with other forms of storytelling.