Not Today’s Yesterday: Testimonials

The use of a very traditional storytelling narrative ‘once upon a time’ lulled me into a really safe and secure place where I didn’t fear what I was about to hear.

I think this is genius because I have been following some of the articles and findings you have shared on social media recently, and part of me entered the theatre feeling a tad nervous about the possibility of having to hear about a piece of history that not only makes me uncomfortable but also makes me feel uneducated because I really didn’t learn much about it until I started to research it ahead of visiting India and that feels embarrassing and shocking. Something that as an audience member feels difficult to confront.

What makes the work so accessible though is that there really wasn’t a mention of any of the things I feared and yet the entire time that I was listening to your fairy tale like tone and mythical descriptions of magical scenes, I had a running narrative in my head that was finding the deeper meanings behind the work and reading between the lines. Somehow all of that information felt present without actually ever referencing it, or at least not directly and forcing history or politics down my throat.

What interests me about this is that I came to the work feeling sure it was it was going to be political and challenging, yet was delivered something fascinating and surreal.

Meanwhile, my colleague Rosie, didn’t read anything before coming in. She thought she was coming to watch a nice bit of Indian/Contemporary Dance and then was immediately hit by something that had strong political undertones. This was without you really even referencing it for the first part of the work, she said she almost had to reset herself 5 minutes into it and totally readjust her expectations…

All in all, bravo! An excellent team, a relevant concept, incredible new movement language and ideas that are so well thought through and completely justified. I’ve always thought you’re incredibly articulate how you talk about yourself, your work and the sector. It’s a joy to see a work that has that same depth of articulation physically and all the other elements that support it.

And finally, thank you for making me feel like I could appreciate the essence of Indian dance without feeling like there is a huge gap in my knowledge of the form. I left feeling confident that I understood the meaning of the work and it’s always nice to leave the theatre not feeling ‘thick’ or like everyone else must know something you don’t.

Independent Producer, Spin Arts

We were delighted with the quality of the show and how well the performance was received. The treatment and artistic content of Not Today’s Yesterday was of an extremely high standard and absolutely met our objectives for the work we choose to present in our dance programme.

Critical response has been excellent with one reviewer calling it ‘an exceptional piece of political theatre that speaks volumes without a word being said on the stage’ and another calling it ‘an unmissable treat’.

In summary we have very much enjoyed working with Seeta and commend her on a great show.

The Lowry, Salford

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